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As far as I am concerned - he is damn lucky to have me and I am furious of the possibility that he could be looking elsewhere for excitement...seeing as he barely touches me.

I am frustrated because he only wants sex when he wants it and I cannot be "in the mood" without being accused of throwing a tantrum because I am not "getting any".

The system started to become very popular with my co-workers, and people started asking me to teach them the strategy and help them reclaim their inboxes.

Word started getting out and before I knew it I was teaching people outside of Google, and started getting paid well to do it.

I asked him about it and he told me to delete everything. When I ask him..just says it's spam and do go ahead a check it out and delete everything I find.

He first laughs about it when confronted..then gets mad at me for not trusting him.

I am now at a point in my life where I finally have the freedom to devote myself to a relationship.Eventually, I started to realize that my individual success as an employee, and now a solopreneur, depended heavily on my ability to communicate with others like a professional.My post-college career started at 3M, and at that time our division was running on Lotus Notes, which was probably created by an email masochist. During that time I had no system, it was merely a matter of looking at my emails in chronological order and seeing which ones had not been opened yet.I quickly realized that moving from an old-school manufacturing company selling consumer goods and running on Lotus Notes, to a company that ran on an email platform it created itself was going to be a very different experience. I was immersed in a pool of uber-talented, super-sharp, technology-savvy folks.Not only did everyone have a strong handle on technology, but they were constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and bring value to others. The number of emails I received (and needed to respond to) practically quadrupled overnight.I have tried and tried to block all the sexual emails I get in my Junk folder the more I block the more I get. I would hate to close my account, and I like my name being on it. Because my name is the email account you just let anyone post email to it?Even messages to buddies stating he'd been with over 15 women in one month!When I confronted him again..stated..was a joke..guys playing it up to make himself look good.I also noticed that my personal email accounts were completely flooded with Linked In notification emails, Groupon deals, bill reminders, etc.I couldn’t differentiate the important emails from the non-important ones, and that’s the last thing I wanted to happen as a Noogler (“New Googler” – official terminology). I read every single book, article, magazine, and strategy by all of the top gurus out there.

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