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Back in the late 90's I used to live on IRC, particularly austnet.

When Oz Org was the only Australian IRC network, it was far more entertaining. When I would spam they would PM me and start interigating me and questioning me was I spamming and why I was spamming etc.

I assume it didn't used to be like that, but those that are left seem to be people that were there 10 years ago as they continuously reminisce about the good old days, and just never evolved or prospered in social & personal growth, the stagnation is symptomatic in itself of something not quite right with them. For the record, i've used IRC for 12 years & still do, every day.. Anyone keeping tabs should stop wasting their time. Some guy came on who said he could take over our server.

I last had a look in at the austnet asylum in January, but it doesn't seem be there any more. and I idle, a lot, with a few words here and there, in an Amiga related channel on org Edit: Wow, that's just over half my life, and to think i've been on it pretty much 24/7 (dialup days too with a 2nd phone line). MSN is an acronym for the Microsoft Network MSNP is an acronym for Microsoft Notification Protocol Two VERY different things One is an acronym for a marketing tool of Microsoft - One is a Protocol - I think you'll find its largely due to females. Another thing to do back then was to do a script to take over channels. I thought he was kidding at first, but his persistance bemused me.

My uncle met his 1 on IRC (I think, either that or Cn C)IRC is pretty cool, its a lot easier than forums and it's much easier to hold a conversation. As long as I have known her, and that's going back about 5 / 6 yrs, she's been in fulltime work. She worked from home and had kids too, and is a similar age.

What about my ID :)-Nick Op- *** Information about triker [704] ***--Nick Op- Last address: [email protected] Op- Last online : Sun Jul 3 2005 AWST--Nick Op- Registered : Sun Sep 8 1996 AWST--Nick Op- Current Time: Fri Oct 19 2007 AWST--Nick Op- Web Address : *Shudder* I hated this woman so much, she would always suspend my chat rooms :(But seriously, I couldnt care less about Austnet, I stopped using it years ago. I was a big mirc addict, create my own bots and non-stop scripting.

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